Sunday, February 15, 2009

caramalised sweet potato

A sweet beginning....
this is one of the few sweets that i adore...this so easy to make, very delicious yet not very popular.I remember my amma making me loads of them for me during season..
here we go folks .... pamper your sweet buds..
sweet potato (say 250 grams)
jagerry (100 grams)
ghee a teaspoon
thats all guys..
To make the yummy yummy cubes ...
wash,peel and dice sweet potatoes to half inch cubes..
to some warm water add the jagerry and allow it to dissolve by heating in a low flame..
filter to remove any dust..
now put the syrup in the stove and let it boil for 3 minutes
add the diced sweet potato
and be near the stove stirring the mixture often..
the syrup thickens and the heat makes the cubes cooked
wait till the jagerry is coated on the cubes and u get a thick mixture..
add a teaspoon of ghee remove from fire
its so different yet has a unique taste ...
i shall post a picture when i try it next time at home..
if at all u try just let me know how you relished..
great eating...