Thursday, April 8, 2010


I  happened to get a comment for the previous post from one Dr kandasamy.
He is one among many with diabetes .i was wondering i should make a sweet for these sweet starved people Fortunately i happened to have all the ingredients and even two guests who really enjoyed this .I must say i got this idea from a piece of cake that my daughter"s friend had brought from the dinner served while flying from London to India. 

and here are the ingredients ..

  1. oats two cups 
  2. sugarfree granuels 4 teaspoons 
  3. vanilla essence 3 drops 
  4. sooji 3 teaspoons roasted \
  5. butter 2 teaspoon
  6. milk 250 ml 
I first roasted  sooji in low flame in half teaspooon of butter.To this i added oats ,sugarfree,vanilla essence,and milk .and brought it  to a dosa dough consistancy.
I buttered a glass bowl and poured the dough and baked it in micro oven in medium for 12 minutes and
cut it  into pieces when cooled .
a sugarless oats cake is ready for relishing.

It really turned out to be good and we could use lots variations

  1. dates ,raisins ,and other dryfruits can be added.
  2. pinnapple essence could be used with chunks of tinned pinapples cut into small cubes 
but these are not for those with diabetes.
try and enjoy .and do let me know please ..

The picture is not so good but i have just added. .