Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Its summer time and ho are we not behind some thing cool ,be it dress ,food or shelter?Here is a tangy juice to
enjoy,i tested various combinations but found this real good .Its quite easy and hope u all have a nice drink.
happy drinking!:)
here are the ingredients...
  1. a cup of deseeded watermelon
  2. two oranges peeled and sectioned 
  3. ginger one small piece
  4. honey 
  5. sugar to taste 
  6. a pinch of salt 
  7. some ice cubes 
Here is how we go.grate the ginger and boil it in a small cup of water ,strain and cool.in a blender add the watermelon pieces.orange, some sugar and blend with two cups of water  .strain and add the cooled ginger and salt.
let it become ice cold in the fridge.
while serving lace it with some honey and add some ice cubes..
Here you have this tangy melony orange punch.

  1. A piece of pine apple can be added   instead of orange .
  2. ice apples called nungu in tamil can be added at the top .this would make the juice more nutritious.


  1. This really sounds good and cooling Padma. I am sure it will help in making the summer go by quickly :)

  2. Wow! very refreshing drink..great idea for summer..

  3. Looks great. I am not fortunate enough to prepare and taste your recepe. My whole body is made up of sugar!?

  4. mine too dr .but nothin wrong in trying for others rite ?